Team Tatsoft Is Canary Confident

A Free Canary Historian Is Included With Each Tatsoft License

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Canary Historian Integrates With Tatsoft

Empower your Tatsoft solution with the performance of the Canary NoSQL Data Historian:

Loss-less compression means no data interpolation or trimming

Historize any Tatsoft tag with ease

Display history from Canary in Tatsoft trending objects

500 Tag Historians Are Included?!?!

That's right!  The best-in-class Canary Historian engine, licensed for 500 tags, is ready to go with every Tatsoft install at no additional charge! 

The solution is completely integrated, using .NET APIs, and provides for high performance data logging and history recall.  You won't believe how simple Tatsoft has made it to log data and read history to/from Canary.

Additionally, the Canary Views service means you can build asset models and alias tag names as necessary, without affecting your historical archive.  

Tatsoft Integration

Need More Tags? 

Included at no addition charge are 500 tags!  Need more?  Just like Tatsoft, you can size your Canary Historian to your specific use case.

1,500 Tags


5,000 Tags


15,000 Tags




Redundant historians receive a 50% discount

Go Full Canary

Want to log from additional data sources like SCADA systems, OPC UA servers, MQTT brokers, SQL databases, CSV files, and more?  Need Axiom visualization, dashboarding, and reporting?  Or desire to run the Canary Calcs & Events Server?

Simply upgrade your Canary Historian to the full Canary System.  Get more information including pricing.